5 Great Things to Do Next Summer

If you are anything like me you absolutely love summer time. That being said what are 5 great things to do next summer?

First, a really fun summer activity if you live in Colorado especially, is river rafting! You can take a great ride on the Arkansas River with your family and friends and have the time of your life. This is great for those times when it is really hot outside and the water is nice and cool.

Second, another really fun summer activity is to go camping. Lots of people enjoy this because you can go with a group of friends, or your family. Plus there are lots of places to camp such as Arches National Park, Sahale Glacier Camp, Joshua Tree and Catalina Island to name a few. This appeals to a lot of people because you get to commune with the great outdoors.

Third, another really fun summer activity is going to baseball games. There is a reason why baseball is the great American pastime. I grew up with season tickets to the Seattle Mariners and that’s how we spent our summers. It was so much fun. Not only is baseball a fun sport, but going to a large stadium that has a ton of energy is just a blast.

Fourth, another great summer activity is going boating. I have to say that this is my personal favorite. We grew up with having a boat and going out all the time during the summer. Boating is so much fun because there is something for everyone. Individuals can simply sit on the boat, go swimming, or do some fun activities such as skiing or tubing. This is a fun activity to do with your family or friends.

Lastly, a fifth and final great thing to do in the summer is to go bike riding. I know this is something my family has recently gotten more into. If you ask my parents they look forward to Saturday mornings during the summer because they grab their bikes and hit the road for 15 mile bike rides. My husband and I somewhat joined the bandwagon this summer and bought some nice bikes that we road around town. So whatever it is you like to do in the summer, have fun doing it and keep some of these great ideas in mind! 


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