Choosing your Television and Internet Package

Save-money-Satellite-TVI made a choice to cancel my cable and switch to Direct TV. I must say that I am completely satisfied with their quality programming and friendly customer service!

Choose Your Package
Selecting a package that suits your needs is simple and each one includes popular networks and a few extra features that give you more bang for your buck.

Select- An unbeatable value with over 145 channels including AMC, CMT, TBS and FX.
Entertainment- 150 popular networks including TBS, CMT, AMC and FX.
Choice- Offers over 175 channels and networks such as Nickelodeon, ABC Family and CNN.
Xtra- Perhaps the most popular choice of packages with over 220 sports and entertainment channels including Comedy Central, Fox Sports 1 and the History Channel.
Ultimate- This one is great for movie lovers! Receive over 240 channels plus an extra 11 movie channels at no extra cost.
Premier- Receive all the premium movie channels like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and also receive over 30 regional sports networks.

Cutting Edge Technology
Enjoy full access to cutting edge technologies such as Genie HD DVR.

Genie HD DVR

Record up to 200 hours of entertainment!
Be able to record up to five shows at once!
Implement Picture in Picture and watch two channels at once on the same screen.
You can watch live broadcasts or recorded shows in up to 4 rooms at once!
Be able to start watching in one room and then finish watching in another room!
You can also receive personalized recommendations for new shows to watch!
Connect your Genie to a GenieGO device and you will be able to take your DVR. playlist where ever you go!

TV and Internet Bundles
You can save money and get more out of your satellite TV. when you bundle your package with Internet.

Reasons To Bundle Your TV and Internet

Stream- Watch your shows on all of your connected devices!
Browse- Have access to over 1,000 On Demand titles you can watch anytime!
Record- You will never miss another episode again with an Internet-connected HD. DVR.!

Switching to Direct TV. is my recommendation if you are faced with the difficult decision of choosing entertainment for your family! And best of all, service is readily available to every household in America, so don’t hesitate to give them a call.

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