Great places to go on Vacation

beachVacations can be difficult to plan or even decide where to vacation. From reserving airfare, booking hotel stays, insurance and reserving a vehicle. There are many things to consider during the planning process. Some destinations will require you to have passports, while others will not. Traveler’s insurance is also something to consider when planning your big trip. Traveler’s insurance can help protect you against lost luggage, cancelled trips, travel delays, and even medical emergencies. With all of those things considered, here are a few places that would make for a great vacation.

U.S. Virgin Islands, made up of St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John, the Virgin Islands offer exquisite dining, quaint towns, and gorgeous turquoise blue water. The virgin islands are home to numerous resorts, some of which are all inclusive. The Virgin Islands can be your summer paradise, or your great escape from the harshness of winter, with its beautiful year round weather.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, home to some of the east coast’s most beautiful beaches, Myrtle Beach is a perfect family destination. Myrtle Beach offers gorgeous panoramic views of the atlantic ocean with calm waters, and soft white sand. It is also home to numerous family attractions such as amusement parks, mini golf, arcades, aquariums, museums, and much more. For the golf lover Myrtle beach is also a players paradise.

Rio de Janero, Brazil, there may not be anywhere else on earth where the beach culture is so crucial to a city’s culture, immortalized in song are Rio’s two most popular strips, Copacabana, the bigger and livelier of the two, and Ipanema which is a bit more upscale and relaxed. Rio is perfect for seeing breathtaking sights, becoming immersed in culture, and relaxing on gorgeous beaches.

Bahamas, a Caribbean paradise, anything that you could possibly imagine in a beach vacation the Bahamas has to offer. From bright blue to crystal clear waters that vary from being perfect for aquatic sports, and swimming, with sand ranging in color from pink, to white, and even a sugary color the Bahamas have it all. The sunsets set the mood for romance and the shores are stunning and unforgettable.

Orlando, Florida, offers so many options of attractions that you could end up feeling like a pinball being ricocheted from one place to another. Home to roller coasters, dinosaurs, resorts, and who could possibly forget Disney. Orlando is also home to Universal, Sea World, Discovery Cove, beaches amazing nightlife, and so much more.

Vacations are supposed to be a time to get away, unwind, and have fun. So put your mind at ease. These are just a few of many destinations you can go to forget about the worries of every day life, and have an experience you’ll remember forever.

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