Great Things to do in Newport Beach

Newport_BeachNewport Beach is always on the top of visitors to Orange County’s list of places to spend time in. Whether you are spending a week here or just visiting for the weekend or day, there is a lot to explore and enjoy.

One of the most popular destinations for people who visit is the Balboa Peninsula. With one of the nicest beaches in Orange County, it is a great place to come down during the day and enjoy the sand and the surf.

On the peninsula, one of the most popular attractions is the Newport Pier. The Newport Pier is constructed in an area that has always been one of the key points in both tourism and industry in Newport Beach history. Today, visitors can walk out onto the pier and enjoy sushi and a view from a restaurant located at the end of the pier. There are also opportunities for people to take water safety or surfing classes near the Pier.

On the other side of the peninsula, facing the harbor is an amusement park that was founded almost 80 years ago and still retains its charm and more importantly, its fun. Known as the Fun Zone, it is a great place to visit with your children or your friends for an afternoon.

While you are there, you will probably notice that boats are available for rent. Newport Beach Boat Rental is the name of the business and they offer a variety of different types of craft depending upon your needs. If you want to sail or motor or kayak in the bay, Newport Beach Boat Rental is the best place to do that. The power boats that they offer can be piloted by most people and provide a launching point for your adventure into the different parts of the waterway that is easy to navigate. Most of the powerboats come with a top that allows you to stay out of the sun completely when you do not want to be in it.

If you prefer sailing, the Newport Beach Boat Rental shop offers a 17′ sailboat that you can take out on the water. Designed to be easy to handle, it is a great way to introduce others to the joy of sailing.

For those people that prefer to go out into the blue water, there are sturdy boats that are designed specifically for that purpose that are available as well.

When you are done boating, if you want to do something cultural, you can go to the Orange County Museum of Art. One of the best collections of both classic and contemporary artists on the West Coast await you. While you are there, you can take in the special collection devoted to Latin Artists that is renowned throughout the Americas.

If you need more help with your trip planning, please be sure to visit the Newport Beach City Tourist website.

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  1. JenOctober 20, 2013 at 1:38 am #

    I have to disagree with Kelsey… I live in Newport and she listed all the cheesy, tourist attractions… Crystal Cove State Beach, Shaw’s Cove in Laguna and the city of Laguna Beach (Forrest Ave and surrounding) are where you want to go.

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