Lights And Trees

christmaslightsThe Christmas season is a joyous time for family to spend together. Families can use a travel site like Blue Travel to plan a trip, or they can discuss what they would like to do together. There are some ideas that are fun and memorable for every age.

The Christmas Tree
Many families have a traditional evergreen tree. This tree might be purchased at a local grocery store or a lot on the side of the road. However, there is a way to make getting the tree a family event. This works best if it is on the weekend. Gather everyone in the car, and take a trip to the mountains or an area where there are numerous trees to choose from. Take a saw or a chainsaw to chop down the tree. Everyone can pick their favorite tree in the area, and then decide as a family which one is best for the home. Take a picnic lunch, and spend the day walking through the woods together.

A Play
There are several holiday plays during the Christmas season. Choose one that everyone enjoys, and make an evening of the event. Find a nice restaurant for dinner, and enjoy talking to each other after a long week of work and school. Everyone can wear nice dresses or suits to go to the play. After the play is over, find a café and get a mug of hot cocoa.

Ice Skating
A fun thing to do with the entire family is ice skating. An outdoor rink would give a more festive feeling than somewhere inside. Skate around the rink to the holiday music and the sights of the glimmering lights on the trees if there are decorations.

Christmas Lights
My family goes to see Christmas lights at a local par every year. The designs are almost always the same, but it is the memories made that change. Last year we took my father, and it was the last Christmas we sent with him. My children were amazed at the bright colors and the moving displays as we drove along the winding road. There is a place in the middle of the trail that sells gifts and holiday treats. We always stop to get a cup of hot chocolate and an ornament for the tree. The children also somehow get a sweet treat to eat as well. We continue the journey and listen to Christmas music in the car. Although my father can no longer go with us, I will always cherish the time spent together in the car for a few short hours.

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