Top 3 Places to Live in Retirement

Top 3 Places to Live in RetirementAs retirement beckons, it is time to consider places where you intend to spend your sunset years. A lot of factors come into consideration. For example, you have to deliberate on the climate, crime rates, opportunities for employment and the cost of living. Since you will have to buy property, there are property taxes to reckon with. The residences at Atlantis are a fair choice. Perhaps you might spare time and do some research on them. As a retiree, you need a place that is comfortable. Look for places that your retirement income can sustain. Below are top three places that you might want to consider:

1. Naples, Fla.

If you are a well-to-do retiree, you will find Naples an ideal place. The city has a population of 21,000 people. Here you will enjoy a sophisticated and affluent lifestyle. The standards of living in Naples come with a touch of wealth. Even if you do not have much in comparison to other wealthy retires, you can still blend in. Downtown Naples features an array of shops, restaurants and hotels. The arts scene is quite vibrant providing you with an all year round entertainment menu. Retired people love walking and enjoying the weather while savoring the environs. In Naples, it is easy to take a walk through town or even get to the beach. The rate of crime is encouragingly low and there is access to quality healthcare. However, you should be prepared for hot and humid summers and intense traffic.

2. Beaufort, S.C.

For retirees who prefer less crowded cities, Beaufort will emerge top on that list. There are only 12,000 people living here, plus or minus several hundreds. If you happen to be a golf enthusiast and a lover of history, you should consider making this your retirement home. The state of South Carolina has a tax regime that favors retired people. The economy is diverse meaning that you will always find an income generating activity to engage in. For the educationally oriented ageing citizens, you can enroll at the local branch of the University of South Carolina. The main leisure activities here are boating and golf. An average home goes for $185,000. The town is small and ideal for people seeking a quiet and serene neighborhood.

3. Asheville, N.C.

The reputation of Asheville as top retirement destination is good. Time and again, this city has received top ratings. Its population is a modest 84,000 citizens. The weather is perfect and remains so throughout the year. You will it easy to settle in Asheville owing to its retirement-centric nature. All the neighborhoods and communities that you will come around have a touch of retirement in them. Nonetheless, you need to be safety conscious as the crime rate is higher than the other two cities mentioned above.

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