Top African Safari Parks in Kenya

Masai or Kenyan Giraffes, Masai Mara Game Reseve, Kenya1. Nairobi – Tsavo East African safari

Your first African safari day targets the huge and expansive Kenya wildlife safari park called Tsavo. The Kenya safari party departs Nairobi in the morning and proceeds to Tsavo East Wildlife Park. This is Kenya’s largest game sanctuary famed for its huge herds of elephants.

Tsavo East is also famous from the “man eaters of Tsavo” , a group of Lions that killed by the hundreds the rail line workers in 1890’s. The park is so huge that game drives could easily go on for hours while seeing all the “big five” wildlife and astounding land formations and rivers.

Your Tsavo East African safari snippet is full of the big five and spectacular geographical features in a semi arid area.

2. Tsavo East – Tsavo West African safari

On your second African safari day, you will cross over the Mombasa highway that divides Tsavo East and West. Tsavo West is a miracle waiting to be discovered in an African safari. It is full of exquisite volcanic lava flows, crystal clear springs fed and filtered by underground labyrinth of volcanic porous rocks.

There are numerous caves with dripping water and moss made from the Pleistocene volcanic era. Enchanted Forests that stand on volcanic rocks offer a cool and welcome relief from the sun.

You will have early morning game drives before breakfast and later proceed to Tsavo West Wildlife safari park arriving in time for lunch. Afternoon is spent in your lodge at leisure followed by a game viewing drive. Dinner and overnight at your lodge and entertainment from Kamba people African safari dancers.

3. Tsavo West – Amboseli Wildlife African safari

African SafariOn the 3rd day African safari, you will depart Tsavo West after breakfast and game drive for Amboseli Wildlife safari park a place of stark contrast. Amboseli National Park is in the shadows of Africa’s highest snow-capped mountain-Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Towering way above the park, the mountain is imposing and offers a picture perfect opportunity of photographing the big five with a background of the bald headed, snow-capped Kilimanjaro. The greatest attraction here is the vast herds of Elephant within the park and the bull Elephant that have the biggest tusks in Kenya.

The evening game drive will complete this full African safari day. Photograph over 200 elephant herd crossing the road right in front and at the rear of your car-sandwiched. You are accommodated in the Amboseli Serena or Ol Tukai 5 star African safari lodges or a mobile tented camp at the community campsite.

4. Amboseli Wildlife Park African safari

You spend your 4th day of African safari at the park lounging. Get to swim in the lodges’ swimming pool with a spectacular view of elephants drinking from a spring 50 yards away. Your room is also fronted by a spring that elephants love to drink from. You will spend the whole of your day observing elephant behaviour from a distance of less than 50 yards from your bed and verandah.

Early morning and late evening game drives are standard where you get to see the Lions, cheetahs and the occasional leopard-the ultimate prize. Dinner and overnight at the lodge or budget campsite.

Game-viewing@05. Amboseli -Naivasha Wildlife African safari

Day five of this best of African safari package sees you crossing from the Southwestern of Maasai country to the mid-western area and on the floor of the great rift valley of Kenya. You depart after breakfast and proceed to Lake Naivasha.

This is the second biggest fresh water lake in Kenya. On a boat ride you will be able to see the numerous hippos wallowing and yawning while making loud bleating sounds.

You depart in the afternoon for an optional tour to Crescent Island. The Lake is a bird’ paradise and has a larger number of hippos. Dinner and overnight at your lodge or budget tent.

Cost of your African safari in Kenya

Camping on the other hand enables you to sample the real Kenyan tour wilderness and freshness of nature.
Lodge based African safari s average between USD 250 to USD 400 depending on the luxury sought.

Camping on the other hand enables you to sample the real Kenyan tour wilderness and freshness of nature. Camping incentive safaris depend on the group number and the larger the number, the lower the cost. An average of 4 travelers pays USD 100 per day per person for this 14 or less day’s package.

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