Top Things to do in Ontario Canada

skyline_toronto_ontario_canada_photo_wikipeda-dave_minogueI have never had the chance to go to Ontario Canada but I hear that it is a great place. It is the largest province accounting for almost 40% of Canada’s total population. It covers Northeastern Canada. Interestingly enough, as of 2011 Roman Catholic was the dominant religion and approximately 70% of the population in Ontario speaks English.

The economy of the region is largely based on it being a strong manufacturing province. That being said, there are 10 top things to do. The first stop on the list is Niagara Falls. This is a spot you definitely don’t want to miss since it is so awe-inspiring and beautiful. Believe it or not, ever second 739,682 gallons tumble down 13 stories! The second top on the list is Algonquin Provincial Park. It consists of 7,800 square miles of lakes and forests. Something fun to do here is camp in the great natural outdoors! The third stop on the list of top things to do in Ontario is Ottawa. This is the home of the government. You can see beautiful, gothic style government buildings, and in the Summer even witness Mounties! The fourth stop on the list is Muskoka Cottage Country and Georgian Bay. It is 2,500 square miles long and home of many cottages and artist types. Moving right along, fifth we have Thousand Islands. It is a beautifully idyllic area for swimming, boating, fishing and perhaps even scuba diving if you are into that!

You will find yourself in beautiful clear blue water. Sixth, on the top things to do in Ontario includes the City of Toronto. This city is very urban and houses approximately 4 million inhabitants. They have a unique zoo, a theater, and some great neighborhoods. Seventh, if you are into English and the arts like myself, the Stratford Shakespeare Festival is great to check out. This is during April through October and the theater company presents on four different stages throughout the area. Believe it or not, this company is the largest in North American so you better go and check them out if theater and the arts are your thing. Eighth on the list of top things to do in Ontario includes Ontario’s Wine Route. It is the home of one of Canada’s two major wine regions. Along the trail you see historic sites and scenic farm landscape. So if you want a good experience and are into wine, perhaps check this out. Ninth, is Point Peele National Park. It has a wide assortment of flora and fauna that is bound to amaze. If you are an avid bird watcher perhaps try checking out their many varieties of birds. Finally, tenth on the top things to do in Ontario is a scenic drive around Lake Superior. This is a great drive if you are wanting to see some beautiful scenery. So if you are interested in any of these places check out transportation service Ontario Canada for some good options on getting around.

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