What Is a Travel Injury, and What to Do If You Become the Victim

Traveling is an exciting occurrence for most people. New sights to see, people to meet, and cultures to experience instill a passion in people that is hard to diminish. However, the best moments in life are often matched by devastating situations that turn happy memories into traumatic recollections. Personal injuries while traveling are incredibly common, often difficult to prove, and victims usually have to suffer in silence and take matters into their own hands financially, emotionally, and physically.

Motor Vehicles

Sure, the world knows how common car accidents are, but few people take into consideration that they are susceptible to be victims of these accidents regardless of the time of day, location, and their overall destination. Typically, 1.3 million car crashes result in death each year, while a whopping 20 to 50 million routine accidents occur, and result in millions of injuries, damages, and emotional scars. Whether you are on your way to work in your own vehicle, or headed to the airport in a cab, there is a likely chance that you can become a victim.

Unfortunately, insurance companies rarely want to pay for anything, regardless of who had been found at fault. Law enforcement is usually stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to determining who is to blame. Where does this leave you? Hurting with empty pockets, and typically a canceled trip.


One of the biggest fears for prospective travelers is a flight resulting in a crash or emergency landing. A common misconception is that these tragedies rarely happen. However, recent years have demonstrated a rise in crashes that result from pilot error, mechanical issues, and unforeseen weather. Two hundred or more crashes occur each year, and are usually chalked up to simply being an accident where no one receives compensation or even an apology.

What About the Victims?

Those responsible for these tragedies surely do not care about those affected, and certainly do not want consequences for their actions. Qualified attorneys like those found at Siegfried and Jensen, however, do care and will demand indemnity for you and your family. Their understanding of the financial fallout experienced from these injuries allows them to put up the fight of a lifetime against the perpetrators. Understanding that millions of dollars worth of medical bills are small measures against the emotional damage experienced by the victim, skilled attorneys understand what type of justice is really needed in these circumstances. Additionally, contacting a personal injury attorney will allow you to recover both physically and mentally, and will eliminate any further fears of traveling. That vacation was postponed, but not forever.

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