White Water Rafting Through Jackson Hole

jackson_hole_whitewater_raftingIf you love being surrounded by breathtaking scenery in the great outdoors then you will love river rafting in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Jackson Hole is a unique and picturesque valley south of Yellowstone National Park. It is a popular vacation destination for its beauty, wildlife, and recreation. The Snake River flowing through Jackson Hole provides a good portion of the area’s summer activities. Although the valley is relatively flat compared to its mountainous surroundings, there are just rough enough rocks and hills to create some exhilarating whitewater rapids.

The Snake River was considered too dangerous to navigate and avoided by many early travelers. Today, however “The Mad River” is tamed daily by rafters seeking the thrill of adventure. Some of the more famous rapids are known as Three Oar Deal, Big Kahuna, and Lunch Counter. There are plenty of experts in the area to help you on your expeditions. You can choose whether you want to help with the paddling or simply hold on for dear life. Either way, come prepared to get wet! Lightweight clothing or swimsuits are good because they tend to dry off quickly. It can definitely get cold though so some opt for splash jackets or wetsuits. And it’s always a good idea to have a dry sweatshirt or jacket ready and waiting for the ride back home.

The Snake River is rated class III which means you will encounter irregular waves over three feet high and some narrow passages that may be difficult to maneuver. In between rapids sit back, enjoy the scenery, and keep your eyes open for some of the area’s abundant wildlife. Many visitors are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Bald Eagles, Moose, and rarely even a wolf or grizzly bear. For those in your party who may not feel up to some of the more intense rapids there are also plenty of guided river floats available in some of the Snake River’s more gentle stretches.

Part of what makes this location so amazing is its accessibility. Non-stop flights from major cities around the U.S. arrive at The Jackson Hole Airport daily. Even the flight in is something to get excited about, providing unforgettable views as it passes over Grand Teton National Park. The valley has a convenient public transportation system that can get you to most any location. There are also car rentals available at the airport. It’s nice to know that once you arrive you don’t have to traverse any long windy roads to reach your final destination.

Once you arrive be sure to check in at one of the charming Jackson Hole hotels. You will be pleased with the friendly personalized service. Staff members are often well informed and even passionate about the adventures the area has to offer. They will be willing to point you in the right direction and answer any questions you may have. Most of all, it’s great to have a welcoming place to rest and unwind after a day spent conquering the white waters of the Snake River. There are also spa services available for those looking for some serious relaxation and recovery.

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